In 1946 Florindo Grassi laid the foundations of this successful family business which his son Alessandro joined in 1957. Today it is his daughter Barbara and his son-in-law Antonello who lead this historic company.

Over the years, Vetrate Artistiche Grassi has greatly expanded its horizon, achieving important accomplishments and awards in collaboration with world-renowned architects and artists such as: Caccia Dominioni, Capogrossi, E. Castiglioni, Fiume, Niemeyer, Pomodoro, Sassu, Sottsass Jr., Spreafico, Usellini, Veronesi, Zanaboni.

Artisanal Glass Manufacturing

Vetrate Artistiche Grassi of Milan have received several awards to date, including in the international arena. It is no coincidence that our work can be found in some important and well-known places of worship, private homes and abbeys around the world. 

Starting with the works carried out for the Milan Cathedral, reaching to some of the most beautiful residences of the Middle East, passing through international airports and prestigious hotels. Our company is constantly in search of innovation, fully respecting the traditional beauty of artisanal glass manufacturing.

Many and varied images bear witness to our finest workmanship, both in Italy and abroad. Additionally, we are always available to welcome customers to our workshops, where you can see first-hand how all our work takes place, where it comes from, and how it is perfected. 

A truly fascinating journey through a passion that has lasted for over 100 years.

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