Every visitor who approaches this ancient art of glass manufacturing is struck by the professionalism of Vetrate Artistiche Grassi and their passion for the craft. 

The master craftsmen working at the company's workshops model the glass with the same love and enthusiasm they have always had, proud of the work they perform and the great results obtained by the company. The glass manufacturing technique that each visitor can closely admire is that typical of the ancient French glass masters.

The process begins with the study of the project, monitored in every little detail. It starts from a scale drawing made by a specialised designer, which is then transferred to then full-scale design and, in collaboration with the customer, passes to the choice of colours for the glass and of the technical cuts that compose the final stained glass window.

The top-quality coloured glass is cut by hand, joined with lead and soldered with tin. Any painting works which may be included are realised in vetrifiable grisaille fired at high temperature to obtain an unlimited life-span, respecting the ancient technique of the French glass masters.


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Restauro delle vetrate Carlton Palacio Valle Flor a Lisbona
Parr. S.Jose' a Braga
Parr. Nossa Senhora Boavista
Santuario S.Antonio a Vale de Cambra
Parr. S.Mamede a Ribeirao
Parr. S.Salvador a Griijo
Parr. S.Verissimo a Valbon
Parr. Nossa Senhora de Lapa
Parr. Nossa Senhora de Maya
Parr. De Cedofeita
Parr. S. Andre' a Barcelinhos
Parr. De Mangualde
Parr. De Carregosa
Parr. De Santos Passos a Guimaraes
Chiesa Cattolica S.George di Londra
Ville private in Russia
Vetrate Re Hassan II Armanvillers in Francia
Ville private in Ukraina


Cappella Padri Francescani in Rio de Janeiro, Brasile

Arcidiocesi S. Antonio in Valencia, Venezuela

Chiesa Greco Ortodossa Stati Uniti d'America

Case private negli Stati Uniti d'America


Vetrate per la Metropolitana di Fukuoka

Cattedrale di Oita

Chiesa Cattolica di Kanonji

Chiesa Cattolica di Saga Ken

Chiesa Cattolica di Takamatsu

Chiesa Cattolica di Nagasaki

Chiesa Cattolica Tanaka. Nagasaki

Chiesa Cattolica di Tokyo

Chiesa Cattolica di Hyogo

Chiesa Cattolica di Akeno

Chiesa Cattolica di Oita

Wedding Chapel Sapporo- Tokyo

Holy Trinity Church in Singapore

Church Star of Sea in Singapore

Church of Holy Cross in Singapore

Church St. Vincent de Paul in Singapore

Church S. Fancis Xavier in Singapore

S.Mary's of Divine Mercy di Sibu in Malesia

Chiesa Cattolica San Bon in Corea

Chiesa Cattolica Seul in Corea

Chiesa Cattolica Kyung gi do in Corea


Cattedrale di Abidjan in Costa D'Avorio
Santuario Mariano di Abidjan in Costa D'Avorio
Chiesa cattolica in Nigeria
Chiesa cattolica in Kenya
Chiesa cattolica in Cameroon
Chiesa cattolica in Ghana
Vetrate per Re Hassan II Rabat Marocco
Ville Private in Bahrein
Ville private in Oman
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